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Software, hardware, network, consulting for MAC services for businesses and individuals.

CLICPOMME specializes in the integration, deployment and maintenance of MAC environment for companies and professionals working in various sectors. CLICPOMME is to provide solutions for the best performance possible.


CLICPOMME offers Apple related Services and consulting based on many years of expertise with numerous Apple Certifications.

Objective: Efficiency, Quality and Profitability.

CLICPOMME is aware of the challenges faced by businesses in order to remain competitive. That is why offer fast response at remarkably affordable prices.

Business Solutions

CLICPOMME consultants will fallow your company need in order to obtain a complete return on investment. We can also propose some recommendations for future upgrades in order improve the performance of your business.

Technical support


We understand the importance of resolving problems as quickly as possible. Thanks to today's technology, we can support all users, anywhere, virtually throughout the world.

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Efficiency, Quality and Profitability.

Everything that needs to be done to improve the performance of your systems will be done with professionalism.

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