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Management, deployment and integration

Image management, content and integration platform (Active Directory) - creating and restoring images (MAC, Windows, Linux, iOS) - updates - Configurations - the positions of your computer and deployment Preferences - font - DAM digital asset management. Office 365 and Google apps integration.

Our team has advanced expertise in various deployment solutions and Apple fleet management solutions via DeployStudio , Munki and JAMF Caper.

We know how to secure manage and deploy Apple device!

Repair and service enhancement

Are you having problems with your MAC? CLICPOMME will repair at a very competitive price all your Apple devices.

All our specialists are Apple certified.

You want to improve the performance of your MAC?
Whether it's for adding memory or adding a SSD hard disk, CLICKPOM will install it quickly.


To maximized communications, improved teamwork, avoid long call services, it is important to trained users to use their smartphone and their OSX devices. Apple's operating systems are probably the easiest and most intuitive to use, but some of its functionality needs to be presented well to tame.


CLICPOMME offers a complete range of services such as maintenance and optimizing the performance of your computers and your networks.

CLICPOMME management

We will be in charge of management, deployment and maintenance of your computer equipment, training of users, or even help your IT staff.


Everything that needs to be done to improve the performance of your systems will be done with professionalism.

Whether it's for administration of your servers or the resolution of the daily worries of your assets, our goal is to allow you to increase the productivity of your users, ensuring availability and performance.


Technical support


We understand the importance of resolving problems as quickly as possible. Thanks to today's technology, we can support all users, anywhere, virtually throughout the world.

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Efficiency, Quality and Profitability.

Everything that needs to be done to improve the performance of your systems will be done with professionalism.

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